How to Connect your Super Nintendo to a Smart TV – A Complete Guide for 2020

how to connect super nintendo to smart tv

If like me you still would like to play some of those classic SNES games. You also want to be able to play them on a modern TV such as a Smart TV or HDTV.

Depending on what model of Super Nintendo you are using and what kind of display you would like to use it with, Also how much you are willing to pay and what kind of picture quality you are expecting or can just put up with; there are a number of different of options to consider.

Smart TV

Old Skool Classiq 2 Video Game System with HDMI Output

Check out the current price here:


Smart TV Inputs Explained

HDMI Illustration IconHDMIVideo/audio/computer/consoleBest
Component IllustrationComponentVideo inputGood
S-Video Icon IllustrationS-VideoVideo inputGood
Composite Icon IllustrationCompositeVideo input / Retro Computer or consoleOK
DVI Icon IllustrationDVIComputerVery Good
VGA Icon IllustrationVGAComputerVery Good
Antenna In Icon IllustrationAntenna InRF Input / Retro Computer or consolePoor
  • HDMI Best Quality
  • RGB
  • Component
  • Composite
  • RF


There are currently no internal HDMI mods available for the Super Nintendo. Using an upscaler or converter is the next best option.

how to connect super nintendo to smart tv gbs820

This is a GBS-8200 converter board and will convert RGB or composite video to VGA which then can be easily converted to HDMI. Using a cable adapter similar to this one here.

SNES Component mod

SNES YPbPr Component Cable

SNES mini RGB mod

SNES mini RGB mod

The stock SNES Mini console is not about output an RGB or S-Video signal natively, but mods are available to overcome this. Some soldering skills are required though. See here for more information.

SNES HDMI adapter

RF to HDMI Converter

Simple Composite Modification

Pound HD Link

How to Hook up Super Nintendo without multi out


FPGA Analogue Super nt –

LevelHike HDMI Cable for Super Nintendo –

Connect a Super Nintendo to a VGA monitor or VGA compatable Televsion

Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Classic Mini

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